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Cutting Fabric

How it started

When my favourite couture fabric store in Melbourne decided to close its doors, I couldn't dream of not having their exquisite fabrics available to my clients.

In a bid to help one of Melbourne's favourite couture fabric suppliers, I have taken up the torch to make sure these beautiful fabrics are not lost.

As a couture bridal designer I wanted to create a platform that was easy to share these amazing fabrics with as many clients as possible, and so, Mel Rose Couture - Designer Fabrics was born. Bringing the best selection of high end couture fabrics to our customers in studio and online.

A little about Me

For those of you who don't know MRC Designer Fabrics is an extension of Mel Rose Couture. As a designer and couturier much of the inspiration I get for designs for clients and my own collections mainly comes from the fabrics I source. It can start off with a concept, but the design isn't realised until I have fallen in love with the fabric. I am very mindful when seeking out fabrics that they are of high quality. Not just because they are beautiful to work with, but the finish on the garments I create is more polished and the garments themselves live a longer life. 

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